Over the years, we've been asked many questions about our great food, our popular catering services and what makes our barbecued food taste so darn good! Here's some common questions and please contact us with yours.  We'd love to cater your special event! 
How to choose the right wedding cater?

Weddings are one of the most memorable times of your life but they're also filled with a ton of headaches and stress. In choosing the best caterer for your wedding, here are some tips.


1) Does your venue allow outside vendors?

Depending on your location, the hotel or reception site may not allow for outside catering companies to bring food in their facility. Sometimes they will have a list of preferred vendors that you can select from.

Tip: If the venue provides a list of preferred vendors and the catering company of your choice is not on the list, don't worry. Ask the group sales manager if they'd be willing to consider another catering company to be added to their list. They'll want to make sure that company is legit, licensed and reputable before allowing them to bring food into their venue. Who knows, that venue may add a new catering company to their list while you get to enjoy the food of your choice.

2) Taste Test

Be sure to taste all of the menu items months ahead of time to see if it's to your liking. This is especially important if you're looking for a catering company that specializes in a specific kind of food. 


3) Check availability!

Do this as soon as you've sampled the menu and locked down your wedding date. Many companies book up several months prior to the wedding season. Don't make the mistake of waiting until the last minute and assuming the caterer will have availability on your wedding day.

If done right, the food at your wedding reception will be talked about many years down the road. Does anybody ever remember and talk about the candy wedding favors/center pieces they got at a wedding 5 years ago? Probably not. They might talk about the amazing food they've had and since then hired the caterer for their own event.


4) How much does it cost to have you cater our event?

Depending on the size of the group and the selections of the menu, your cost will vary. We pride ourselves on working with each specific customer to make their menu the best.


5) What's the minimum group size you cater?

30 people


6) Can you prepare the food at the location of the catered event?

Yes. There is a fee associated with having our smoker at your location.


7) Is your food good?

We've won awards but seriously, it's up to you to decide if it's good. We know it's good and welcome you to come and try it out for yourself. It's real good! Seriously, try it.


8) Do you do pig roasts?

No. We have done it in the past but we think preparing the meat that way isn't as tasty. If you're skeptical about that, just try our method and taste the difference.

smoked prime rib

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