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BP Smokehouse

Award-Winning Sauces & Rubs

BP Smokehouse
BP Smokehouse

33rd Annual American Royal

World Series of Barbecue® Sauce Contest

The contest is the largest BBQ sauce contest in the world with entries competing from 35 states and 7 countries.
Each entry was judged in a blind tasting on their appearance, texture, taste alone, and taste on unseasoned barbecue meat.

You can purchase this award-winning sauce and be the "star" of your BBQ at home!

BP Smokehouse

The sweetness of our BP Smokehouse Mustard Sauce is based on a ketchup sweetener.  This sauce is great for not only a sauce flavor on your smoked BBQ meats, but for dipping as well.

Popular with French fries, onion rings, seafood, shrimp, hot dogs, cabbage, just to name a few.

Heat is relative with our BP Smokehouse Spicy BBQ Sauce.  It has a little kick, but it's created to add a bit of spiciness to your smoked BBQ meats.  Popular with Ribs, burgers, hot dogs, sausages.  It also is a great dipping sauce too.

Our BP Gold & BP Red Rubs are so versatile, we only needed to create 2 of them!

Popular Meat Rub:  Ribs, Chicken, Fish, Salmon

Popular Seasoning:  French fries, Cauliflower, Stir Fry, Fried Rice

Popular Meat Rub:  Pork, Beef, Fish, Chicken

Popular Seasoning:  Soups, Stews, Vegetables 

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