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BP Smokehouse
BP Smokehouse

Add BP Smokehouse Meats to your Holiday Meal this year!

Now you can have the smoky flavors of BP Smokehouse meats on your holiday table this Christmas.  What an added treat for your family or friends as you celebrate the holidays together.

Christmas Menu:
  • Whole Smoked Turkey Breast ($11/lb.) - serves approximately up to 15 people

  • ​Whole Smoked Ham ($9.00/lb.)- serves approximately up to 15 people

  • Whole Smoked Prime Rib ($15/lb.) - serves approximately up to 20 people

NOTE* You must order a "whole" Meat choice.  We will not split the whole Meat Order into a smaller order.


  • Friday, December 8th

  1. When you place your Meat Order Request, we will follow up with you on more details prior to the deadline order.  The Meat Order Request is not a final order until our follow up with you is done.

  2. The price per pound for your Meat Order will be determined by the price that is locked in when ordering by the deadlines.

  3. Your Meat Order must be picked up by 10:00am on Christmas Day at BP Smokehouse - 201 Larkin Street, Tomah.

Holiday Meat Order Request
Meat Choice
Number ordered

Thanks! We will follow up with more details soon.

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